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Mysql 4.0.x LATIN1 to Mysql 4.1.x UTF-8 Nightmares

Whew! Finally I have accomplished what I had been putting off for a while, namely a MySQL upgrade that had been due. Here’s the problem: ­What would normally be a straightforwa­rd LATIN1 or ­ISO-8859-1...

Fighting the Good Fight Against Spammers

The holiday season is crazy enough for ordinary citizens going about their daily routine, shopping, fighting traffic, long lines, time deadlines.  Then there's the threat of credit card and identity theft.  If that's not...


The Five Most Common Lies in Business

From an article on Fast Company Lie: “People are our most important asset.” Truth: “People are our most worrisome and unpredictable asset. Our most important assets are really our financial assets.” How is this...