Why Good Programmers Are Lazy and Dumb

We at OG Consulting have been saying this for years.  Frankly, we are the laziest and dumbest consultants around. Why Good Programmers Are Lazy and Dumb by Philipp Lenssen
I realized that, paradoxically enough, good programmers need to be both lazy and dumb. Lazy, because only lazy programmers will want to write the kind of tools that might replace them in the end. Lazy, because only a lazy programmer will avoid writing monotonous, repetitive code – thus avoiding redundancy, the enemy of software maintenance and flexible refactoring. Mostly, the tools and processes that come out of this endeavor fired by laziness will speed up the production.
Of course, we work very hard at being lazy.  We’ll find resources you might not have thought of (because we’re lazy).  We might write a business automation system (because punching numbers is boring and computers are good at it… and we’re lazy).  We might help you better program your employees because we don’t want to do their work and neither do you.  And we will ask the dumb questions you might not.  In short, we don’t assume we know more than you do about your business.  In consulting there is no shortage of professionals who help you spend your hard earned money to complicate your processes, accounting, Internet strategy, or software implementation. We’ll probably lose our membership in the Secret Order of Consulting Professionals for saying this, but we don’t suppose it’s any secret – consultants obfuscate things to render the illusion of success or progress while billing by the hour.  OG Consulting is neither motivated enough nor smart enough to pull that off.  We’d rather help you make your business processes brain-dead simple so we don’t have to think so hard and neither will you. And that’s the bottom line.  We’re too lazy and dumb to fail.

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