Given Enough Eyeballs, all Bugs Are Shallow

A recent phenomenon pitted the highly paid film editors of the movie Spider-Man against the PAYING public of viewers. At stake: The very process by which films are made.

Why is it that highly paid movie editors who poured over Spider-Man for many months with millions of dollars, couldn’t find what the movie viewing public did in the opening weekend?

According to

Fans have so far spotted 77 continuity errors, the most flaws identified in an opening weekend, according to Web site
Jon Sandys, who runs the site, said the number of mistakes could be a symptom of the movie’s popularity.
"It’s obviously possible that it’s got a higher than average number of errors, but huge numbers of people are going to see it and that makes for lots of pairs of eyes checking every inch of the screen," he told the Independent newspaper today.

This sentiment echos Eric Raymond’s Cathedral and the Bazaar. In it Mr. Raymond outlines the ability of a large public group working for free to solve a problem in a simultaneous parallel process, vastly outstripping any company’s ability to pay for the same service.

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