Linux Sneaks into Puerto Rico Government Agencies

GobiernoConference002.jpgThey may not acknowledge it openly, but in speaking to a several Information Systems Technicians and Managers we have discovered that Linux servers have been incorporated into several Government agencies. All this in a hush, hush, nobody-noticed, except for suddenly services got better and more reliable.

The credit goes to the forward thinking and valiant IT personnel that dared to think outside of the MS box. The OG Consulting or Altamente connection? In many cases these IT personnel first learned about Linux at an Introduction to Linux course offered to the Electronic Information Systems Administrators Association (ADSEI in its Spanish acronym) in April 2000. We are proud to see good ideas spreading.

  • Oficina del Contralor
  • Administración de Fomento Comercial
  • AEE
  • Centro Médico

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